Reasons Why Your Should Hire a Reputable Sign Company for Your Business

A sign is a way to advertise your business to potential customers. It needs to be positioned correctly, and it must meet city regulations. This is why you need an experienced Jacksonville sign company to help you with your business.

Pylon signs (also known as pole signs) are often found near highways and at shopping centers. They are taller than monument signs and usually lighted.

Building signs work directly for you by establishing your brand and identity with passersby, making them feel confident that they’ve come to the right place. They help build a solid first impression, establish credibility, provide a creative take on advertising and make it easy for customers to locate you.

There are many types of buildings signs that can be used for different purposes such as directional or wayfinding signage, directory signs, mall signs and more. They can also add a more personalized touch to your company and give it a sense of identity with custom dimensional lettering.

Axe Signs + Wayfinding is a Jacksonville-based sign service business that offers a one-stop solution for all of your commercial signage needs. They’re dedicated to providing each customer with a top-quality product at a fair price and on time. They believe that each customer deserves to have a professional sign that perfectly matches their brand and identity. They do this by using a team of highly experienced designers, manufacturing and installation professionals.

The height and visibility of pylon signs make them ideal for capturing the attention of motorists from a distance, particularly on busy roads. They are also a good choice for building complexes, malls, and shopping centers that want to promote all tenant businesses in one place. Pylon signs can be configured with a variety of different display panels that will showcase each business’s name and basic information.

They can be mounted with single or twin poles, and they are available in both lightbox and digital displays. The graphics on the acrylic or polycarbonate faces are often computer-generated for greater precision and appeal, and the plastics used are highly UV resistant to maintain their color for longer periods of time.

Pylon signs can be built with either fluorescent or LED lighting. The latter option is more energy efficient and uses less maintenance. They are also a more environmentally friendly option for illumination. They can be double-sided or asymmetrical, depending on the location and traffic patterns.

Monument signs stand tall and are often used by schools, universities, banks, and corporate offices. They are large enough to be noticed from a distance and can feature LED elements to ensure that they stay active 24/7. Monument signs are more than just an entrance sign; they serve to spread brand awareness and establish a unique identity for the business.

Monument signs can be made from a variety of materials including concrete and hardscapes, metal cabinets with routed lettering and backlighting, armored foam with stucco finish and dimensional letters, and acrylic faced sign cabinets. Many shopping malls choose monument signs to display the names of multiple stores at once. These signs can also be lighted to stay active at night.

The best monument signs are ones that offer contrast and make the message clear to passersby. This is important for business location signage as it encourages drivers to switch lanes and enter the parking lot.

While digital signage has lowered the monetary entry-point for eye-catching signs, banners are still an effective tool for drawing attention. They have a wide range of applications and can be customized to fit your branding, event, or message. You can use them for everything from promoting products and services to celebrating events and expressing gratitude.

For example, a restaurant banner can promote its special offers by inserting food photography shots. It can also include service details like price points and company details on its banner to make it more appealing. School banners can promote academic services or adorn the campus. They can be designed to feature the institution’s insignia and include student pictures.

In addition to their marketing and promotional value, banners can serve as a source of inspiration. They are often used to rally fans during sports matches and to welcome home teams from abroad. They are also frequently seen in public events and protests.